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Wet Paint Radio# for insomniac——

Wet Paint Radio# for insomniac— Sincere words of a weightless mind is my 2021 painting project.

It’s my nostalgia for NYC to name the project Wet Paint Radio. During the 2020 New York on pause policy, I did nothing but counting days and listening to the Radioto have some voice in my surroundings. One day, I was browsing my photos, and I found a photo of a subway platform, and there was a “wet paint” sign on the pillar. I closed the window, and the sign stayed in my mind.

In 2021, to rebel against the hatred that starts spreading in our time, I start the project, Wet Paint Radio# for insomniac.

All the wet paint signs imply one piece of informationDO NOT TOUCH. Looking at the wounds, perhaps, you'd feel much better if you let it out, let the troublesome things out of your mind. I collected stories from people, like a radio DJ, and translated their written words into a painting.

失重的心告白中,說出來,說出來就會比較好一點了,路上的Wet paint標誌隱含的意思就是不要觸碰,所有失眠的夜裡,被藏得很深的故事們也許可以好好地面對並代謝掉。

我喜歡廣播,2020 年因疫情而困在紐約某宿舍中的我,每天都在聽 KTU、 Z100、WNYC、Lite FM 那些當地Uber司機駕駛時的愛用款,因為那些電台讓我能感覺到其他人的存在。5 月 4 號,我在房間裡完成了一幅畫,畫面裡面坐著一位不苟言笑但快要笑出來的電台 DJ— 他是支撐我度過那些時光的幻想。經歷過那種日子,我更知道了,一顆失重的心需要爬上山頂去放聲呼喊,無論有沒有聽到回音,起碼都能被不經意的微風輕輕地擁抱過而有所釋懷吧。

翻找相片時,看到一張月台柱子上張貼著 Wet paint 標誌的相片,Wet Paint,我知道它所隱含的意思就是:「請不要觸碰」,於是我開始了一個以此為名的畫畫計劃— Wet Paint Radio# for insomniac。這個計劃,簡單來說就是說話算畫。我想,在失眠的夜裡,自己無法面對的部分,如果能對上一個電台的頻率,也許,那些被藏得很深的故事們也許可以好好地碰觸並代謝掉。

計劃進行之間,我就像 DJ 一樣,接收到很多素昧平生的陌生人的故事,有些文字很重,有些則是單純點歌,無論對方用什麼方式把發生過的捏塑成一段文字,都留下了很真實的形狀,於是乎,我將那些形狀翻譯成一幅畫,然後在失眠的夜裡,放送給他們聽。你的、或我的故事,都是我們存在過的痕跡。