A to Z
1. A Is for Apocalypse
2. B Is for Bouncer
3. C Is for Castle
4. D Is for Downtown
5. E Is for Episode
6. G Is for Grotesque Masking
7. H Is for Howl
8. J Is for Janus
9. L Is for Letter of Shy
10. M Is for Musician
11. N Is for Numbed
12. P Is for Poet
13. Q Is for Quirky Ride
14. S Is for This Sculptor
15. T Is for Transparency
16. X Is for Xeniglossy
17. Y Is for Yoga Beginner
18. Z Is for Zombie Days

1. Something Invisible but Not Absent 2022


Wet Paint Radio# for insomniac
0. Intro
1. 42 stories 

1. Modern People/ 現在的人
2. The Missing Person/ 那裡沒有我 
3. Before the Painting/ 在畫作前面
4. We Need to Talk About Pink/ 我們必須討論粉色
5. This Sculptor, That Dancer/雕塑家與舞者
6. Here Is Elsewhere/ 來自於他方
7. Opaque Canvas, Transparent Mind/ 誠實者
8. Americano and the City Rhythm/ 美式咖啡與城市節奏
9. The Grand Finale/終場開始
10. DownTown/ 下城
11. Harmonic Sets/ ㄧ種和弦
12. 9m88’s Album This Temporary Ensemble (collaboration with 9m88ONE.1O SocietySample Animal)


Quarantine Diary 

1. The Grand Plateau/ 大高原
With the Head of Hollowness
3. Don Quijote/ 唐吉訶德
4. The Painting Paints5. Museum of None/ 虛無美術館
6. Hindered in Progress/ 前進受阻

1. We Masked


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