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Shout to the Mountain,

acrylic on canvas, 78x64 in., 2019

Opaque Canvas Transparent Mind,

Oil, Acrylic, and charcoalon canvas, 60x60 CM, 2021

The Missing Person,

Oil, charcoal, and oil pastel on canvas, 45x53 CM, 2021

The Grand Plateau,

acrylic, charcoal, and oil on canvas, 40x44 in., 2020

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The Painting Paints,

Oil, charcoal, and oil pastel on canvas, 60x49.5 cm, 2020

No Flowers for You,

oil on canvas, 19x17 in., 2019

UberX Home Tonight,

Oil on canvas, 36x24 in., 2019

Assembly Process,

Acrylic and oil on canvas38 × 44 in., 2019

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All Poem-ish series︎︎︎

Something Invisible but Not Absent,

Acrylic on canvas, 78x78 in., 2018


All color studies︎︎︎

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“Wet Paint Radio#
for insomniac”——

My Cruiser Bike and his white cane

You, me, and myself love who i am

A load off your mind


HOJAN (b.1994),

hojan is a contemporary painter. she is currently living with her paintings in Taiwan.

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